Visualize nature for immediate relief

By | 25 janvier 2018

I recently wrote an article about all the benefits of nature for your chess game, right before or after it.

But wouldn’t it be great to enjoy the nature boost while playing too? If we agree that leaving a game for a nature walk is far from convenient, this trick proves to be an excellent alternative.

40-second nature view

A research published by the Journal of Environmental Psychology demonstrated that by simply looking at a picture of nature during 40 seconds, you improve your focus and decrease your stress.

One group of students was asked to stare at a green roof while the other looked at a bare concrete roof. A test was made right after it and guess who performed better?

Use the trick

Even if a reinvigorating walk in the forest could certainly not be replaced so simply, 40 seconds of your time for a quick relief deserves to be tested.

I chose some nice pictures of nature that you can use for that purpose. Have a try next time you take a break at work or during your next chess confrontation and tell me how it worked!