Share your chess goals

By | 1 juin 2017

I’ll always remember the first time I talked to my wife about this project and her simple words: “Go ahead, I believe in you”. She doesn’t play chess. She is not completely enthusiastic when I leave home for a full afternoon in front of the chess board and she will never understand how I can be so patient as to not to talk during so many consecutive hours.

But despite all that, she supports me. More than that, she sacrifices her own free time for the translations and helps me make the content of every article as interesting as possible.

At first, broadcasting my goal to relatives was terrifying. Doing it on the web was even more intimidating. But was it really?

I can now enjoy my family’s and friends’ support at a level that I could not have imagined. Moreover, I am constantly motivated to accomplish the whole project and stick to my habits, because I share them online.

Talk to family and friends

Telling relatives and friends about your objectives is one of the only ways to get the much needed encouragement. Asking for advice is also a good idea and this necessarily requires you to at least speak to someone about your plans.

And if you focus on the process rather than the end result as suggested here, you should not fear any pressure about not achieving goals that seem out of reach.


If talking to my fellowmen gives me additional strength, sharing online brings me positive pressure to deliver value. I now have people checking in on me to make sure that I am actually doing what I promised, for examples posting 2 articles a week.

Of course you don’t have to launch a website every time you aim for a positive change. Announcing your plans to a few people around you is already a good move. If your goal is chess development, you can start with some of your chess friends who can remind you while blitzing that they are keeping an eye on your evolution.

Additional bonus

Last but not least, sharing your goal may help you grow your social circle and possibly share instructive information. Don’t you need any help in this opening? Or against a particular opponent?

Just thank you

Needless to say that this website would have never seen the light without my family, some close friends and more especially my wife. So the minimum I can give in return is to say to all of them thank you for everything.

I also want to thank you, every reader who will visit my website and hope that I’ll manage to help you in some way. Are you ready to share your own goals now?