Hard to focus while playing chess? Try chewing-gum

By | 21 septembre 2017

The game is becoming tricky, you feel there could be a checkmate in a few moves so your start to calculate… But despite all your efforts to strengthen your focus last month, impossible to concentrate enough right now to find the right combination.

Guess what? Maybe chewing gum could be a solution in this type of emergencies.

Chew gum to boost your focus

Yes, this sounds weird, but this research shows that chewing gum increases the oxygen flow to the parts of your brain responsible for attention. It also injects a bit of insulin into your blood which may help give your brain that added energy boost.

Quite practical when you’re facing a continuous activity such as a long game of chess no?

Keep your pack of gum near to you

As every high-sugar gum, avoid consuming it too much. But next time you are in desperate need of concentration while playing, why not have a try?