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7 tips to efficiently deal with time trouble

I don’t know about you, but personally, I’ve already lost on time. Seeing the flagfall is quite frustrating, because you know you could (should?) certainly have avoided this situation. The tendency in tournaments is generally to reduce time controls and to apprehend these changes, it is better to get prepared. So, here are 7 helpful strategies to optimize… Read More »

How to plan out your weekly chess training

“It is better to have a bad plan than no plan.” This quote from Garry Kasparov emphasizes the importance of strategic planning while playing, which is also true for your time. Time is precious and has to be managed adequately to get the most of it. And by planning it well, you will finally have some space to… Read More »

Blitz Chess kills your ideas

This famous quote from Bobby Fisher inspired me to stop playing blitz and bullet online in the course of this project. The reason? I finally accepted that a real addiction had been created over time, which consumed my time and created more frustration than pleasure. As I realized quickly after a week or two, breaking a bad habit… Read More »

How to free up time in 3 steps?

Who hasn’t dreamt of having more free time? In the midst of a multitude of daily activities and responsibilities, it’s become really hard to find time to progress. And when you come face to face with your overbooked schedule, you want to give up before even giving yourself a chance. Before getting to that point, here are 3… Read More »

How to develop a habit successfully

You just finished your blitz game and while quickly analyzing with your opponent, you move another piece and press the clock.  Why is that? It’s just… what you do: an automatic behavior done without thinking. Simply said, a habit. In my previous article, I introduced to you the notion of habit by giving you an easy challenge in… Read More »