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How nature can strengthen and inspire your chess game

With the comfort of our modern day society, most of us tend to forget the simple benefits of nature. Still, going out to the great outdoors remains one of the most reliable activities to improve your overall well-being, both physically and mentally. Is it a coincidence then that many Grand Masters mention the necessity of walking in nature… Read More »

How Yoga and Tai Chi can benefit your chess

I remember one day listening to the radio and hearing a Yoga teacher saying that in 2 words, Yoga is the science of happiness. I don’t know how true this is, but as a form of meditation, Yoga constitutes another good way of training for improving both your energy and mental levels. And it seems Tai Chi is… Read More »

What to drink during a chess game?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wondered if Nakamura’s Red Bull or Carlsen’s orange juice were deliberate choices for heightened performance or just a question of taste preference. While it is clear that water should be your main drink while playing, a little bit of caffeine or a healthy sugar boost can actually also be used… Read More »

Why is water the best drinking ally for chess?

Have you ever noticed that chess players tend to drink little sips of water quite often while playing? The reason behind it is quite simple: our brain needs adequate hydration to function properly and at optimum levels. While many drinks out there can be used as permanent boosters, none of them can replace water for constant energy levels… Read More »

Chess diet: 5 rules to boost your game

I’m not teaching you anything new by saying it is important to have a healthy lifestyle. Food intake is a key element for handling energy levels, as well as supporting your brain. Even if you can play good chess without taking care of you nutrition, doing it could get you unexpectedly better results. Following these 5 rules should… Read More »

10 brain foods for maximum memory and focus

For a chess player, good memory as well as being able to stay focused is a tremendous advantage. So instead of eating food for food, why not include in your diet the best nutriments for your brain? Here is a list of the 10 best foods to strengthen your brain abilities especially in terms of memory and concentration.… Read More »

Adapt your workout to your chess needs

Depending on how often you play, the amount of workout needed will definitely vary. I will focus here on the physical activity you need to enhance your chess development, whether you play one game a month or engage in 9-round tournaments regularly. Targeted sport for your brain This study confirms that aerobic fitness is your brain’s best ally.… Read More »

Start (or restart) working out

It’s not a secret anymore; you need a certain dose of physical activity to perform well at chess. Top GMs who practice some kind of sport are countless[i]. So why not you? Let’s review the 3 main excuses people use to avoid working out and deconstruct them one by one to help you find your own way forward.… Read More »

3 special tips for better sleep

In my last article, I actually gave you classic ways to improve your sleep such as a nighttime ritual or avoiding exposure to blue lights before bed. But for some of you, these guidelines won’t be sufficient, so here are 3 additional and original tips that might help you: 1) Express gratitude One study found journaling reduced bedtime… Read More »