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One year experiment on chess improvement

It has been a year now that I started researching and testing different techniques to take my chess skills to another level. While results may not have always been as expected, positive signs will certainly encourage me to persevere in my quest. Although I need to put aside the project for now, my work is certainly not finished… Read More »

10 ending rules every chess player needs to know

Endings being really complex in nature, finding the right path to either win or save a half point is definitely no easy task. Hopefully, a few rules exist to help you navigate more safely into their meanders. So here are 10 endings rules you certainly must know! Unleash the King’s power The fewer the pieces on the board,… Read More »

5 tips to practice your chess tactics smartly

Which player has never heard that chess is all about tactics? Well, as the game requires also a good dose of strategy, we cannot say this claim is entirely true. But the thing is it is not totally wrong either. Indeed, until a certain level, let’s say 2000 Elo or so, most games are decided with a tactic… Read More »

How to efficiently prepare your chess game

When you think about chess confrontation, you must think of preparation. Getting ready for your game against a specific opponent can give you a tremendous advantage over the board; under the condition that you do it efficiently. So here are all the steps to follow in order to get the most out of your chess preparation, as well… Read More »

Magnus Carlsen on chess improvement

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristote It is well-known that one of the quickest ways to develop a skill is to learn from the best. Consequently, I thought it would be interesting to analyze as much information as possible about what Magnus Carlsen does to improve his game… Read More »