One year experiment on chess improvement

It has been a year now that I started researching and testing different techniques to take my chess skills to another level. While results may not have always been as expected, positive signs will certainly encourage me to persevere in my quest. Although I need to put aside the project for now, my work is certainly not finished… Read More »

10 ending rules every chess player needs to know

Endings being really complex in nature, finding the right path to either win or save a half point is definitely no easy task. Hopefully, a few rules exist to help you navigate more safely into their meanders. So here are 10 endings rules you certainly must know! Unleash the King’s power The fewer the pieces on the board,… Read More »

5 tips to practice your chess tactics smartly

Which player has never heard that chess is all about tactics? Well, as the game requires also a good dose of strategy, we cannot say this claim is entirely true. But the thing is it is not totally wrong either. Indeed, until a certain level, let’s say 2000 Elo or so, most games are decided with a tactic… Read More »

How to memorize your chess preparations efficiently?

The game has just started… Your opponent plays a couple of moves you anticipated thanks to your preparation the day before and suddenly, it all goes blank… Despite all your efforts to look inside your head, it’s impossible to recall the correct continuation, leading to the advantage you worked so hard to establish yesterday, exactly as if your… Read More »

Get your mind free move by move

Have you ever played a chess game while pondering about this task at work you didn’t manage to finish in due time? Or being interrupted in the middle of a critical calculation wondering if you finally did what your partner asked you to prepare, among the never-ending list of to-do’s you have? Often annoying, isn’t it? David Allen,… Read More »

Accept chess defeat and failure

Legendary human rights activist Malcolm X once said, “There is no better than adversity.” This quote is especially valuable in a chess loss, because the post-mortem analysis gives you much more insight than r a victory and reveals to be an excellent growth opportunity. As I just lost my two first ICN games of the season, writing these… Read More »