3 special tips for better sleep

By | 6 juillet 2017

Alarm Clock on bedside table

In my last article, I actually gave you classic ways to improve your sleep such as a nighttime ritual or avoiding exposure to blue lights before bed. But for some of you, these guidelines won’t be sufficient, so here are 3 additional and original tips that might help you:

1) Express gratitude

One study found journaling reduced bedtime worry and stress, and thus improved sleep quality.

Right before bedtime, set aside 15 minutes and write about a recent positive experience. Express how you felt as well as your gratitude and then get under your covers.

2) Get grounded

Getting grounded means having barefoot contact with the earth, such as touching sand or grass. According to this study, grounding has been shown to improve quality and quantity of sleep, reduce pain and stress.

So why not have a try for a few minutes a day?

3) Play some Tetris

According to Janes Mc Gonigal as discussed by Tim Ferriss in his book[1], 10 minutes of Tetris (Candy Crush or Bejeweld is fine too) can help overwrite negative visualization. It should help you stop worrying before falling asleep.


Personally, I’m a bit intrigued by this Tetris trick and I have honestly never tried because I rarely have trouble sleeping. But if you have experienced it successfully, I would appreciate your feedback.

I guess now what remains is for me to wish you a good night!


[1] Ferriss, T. (2016) . Tools of titans. London, The United Kingdom. Vemilion.