2-Minute trick to stop headaches from disturbing you during your chess game

By | 2 novembre 2017

Many people suffer from headaches. And when it happens while playing, it can certainly ruin your game.

Suggested by the Youtube channel Beyourpotential, you can relieve 90% of headaches using this 2-minute trick.

Hydrate first

It is important to highlight that headaches can be caused by dehydration. So don’t forget to drink sips of water regularly as suggested here.

How to use the trick

If water doesn’t work, only then can you test the trick to get rid of your migraine. Let’s be clear, the method seems not to work every time. But when you need to focus for a long chess game and that you don’t have time for a medical consult, it is definitely worth trying it.

All you need to do is apply pressure on your sinuses between your eyes and nose and on the back of your head for a full minute, and repeat it on the other side.

Here is the video

No more talking, here is the video to see exactly how it works.

I hope this technique helps you if you need headache relief next time you play!